Pussy Exploration

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We’ve got for you all today a fun set we did a little bit ago. It features Angela, and our local master Simon, having a little bit of a medical session. Today we’d thought we’d explore the wonderful world of her pussy, and how far we could push it. As you can see by the image, we had one hell of a time.

01 Pussy Exploration

02 Pussy Exploration

Cross Bound and Clamped

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In todays fetish blog post, we have some Simona, with here wonderfully full breasts , and pale white skin, which we just love. We had her tied to the wall, and though a chain around her neck would go well with the decor. We just couldn’t get enough of her full breasts, so we though we’d go ahead and clamp her nipples, in a fun titty torture session. She didn’t moan or yell, she stood there enjoying, savoring every minute of painful bliss. Hope the rest of you enjoy it as much as she did.

01 Cross Bound and Clamped

02 Cross Bound and Clamped

Sluts gets her pussy clamped

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Hi there guys (and gals) today we have some nice pussy torture for you all to enjoy. Stephanie was being an especially bad girl today, so we thought we’d teach her a bit about not being a whore. What better way to do this, then by punishing her most sensitive part, her pussy? We though we’d clamp it up so that she could get to know what it’s like to not have a cock in her 24/7. The pain must had been unbearable, but she managed to get through it. Next we had some shibari rope play, and further torture that pretty pink pussy of hers. Enjoy todays pics!

bound clamped 04 Sluts gets her pussy clamped

bound clamped 12 Sluts gets her pussy clamped

Latinas punishment

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Today we have Shina, who’s a spicy latina who’s tits are about to get clamped! She’s been a bad girl (aren’t they all?) and so we though some shibari rope work would be a nice way to start off, but the slut isn’t going to learn just with that. We decided to put some clamps we picked up at the local hardware store. We also thought some added weights would really get the message across. Enjoy the titty torture pics!

bondage abused 20 Latinas punishment

bondage abused 21 Latinas punishment